Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Well, two of my friends have now written to Vincent Cable, and received the exact same reply from his office :

"Thank you for your email. Dr Cable has been aware of Mr Purdue’s situation since earlier in the year and Mr Purdue will be able to tell you that he (and one of the ward councillors) have both tried to help, unfortunately to no avail since the Conservative-run Council will not change its position. It is a very sad situation and Dr Cable is very sympathetic but his influence is unfortunately very limited."

I don't wish to sound ungrateful, or rude, to Dr Cable, but he's a member of the government - how much more influence does he need ?

The point about "The Conservative-run Council will not change its position", suggests very much that the welfare of my wife and I mean nothing to them.

Still no word from anyone I sent it to originally, which tells that that they simply don't care.

The fight goes on.


  1. Most vexed to hear of your current predicament .Hope things will get sorted very soon for you and yours!
    Best Wishes

  2. Simon forgot to ask can you allow us to follow your blog so we can journey along with you?

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