Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Okay, so it's possible that we may be getting somewhere with this at last.

A meeting has been arranged between myself, Denise, my boss (as a relatively independent witness - in light of the fact that Unison have disgracefully washed their hands of me), and the Head of Housing Operations to discuss my 'housing application and the issues I raised in my letter'.

Of course I'm hoping that the Head of HO is going to tell me some good news, and not just palm me off as his staff have done up to now with their standard letters - "you do not have enough points, and we don't have any available, suitable housing even if you did" - that sort of thing !

Meeting scheduled for next Wednesday (2nd Oct) at 3pm, at The Newhouse Centre where I work - rather there than at home, for the sake of the dog's nerves :D

What's more, I contacted Unison today in an attempt to lodge a formal complaint against them for their lack of support in the situation. No response from them yet though - now there's a surprise ;)

I haven't cancelled my membership with them just yet, as the Branch Secretary has been very supportive throughout despite Unison's legal department siding with Richmond (!!!), and telling him to back off. Once this is all done and dusted, in mine and Denise's favour, I'll submit my cancellation.

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  1. Moving forward I feel.Keep going you'll get there...