Sunday, 29 September 2013

-----Sunday evening update-----

Email sent this evening to senior Richmond Council officers, Councillors, Members of Parliament, and the press :

I thought I'd send a quick reminder to you all, of the plight my wife and I find ourselves in as a result of a LBRuT decision, and to give you an update on the current situation.
We have a meeting with Ken Emerson, Head of Housing for Richmond, on Wednesday afternoon where we expect to hear that our situation has been resolved in our favour. Anything else we are told would simply be a continuation of the shameful, and immoral treatment we have endured at Richmond's hands over the past year.
If it turns out that Wednesday's meeting is not good news for my wife and I, then I fear you've simply wasted everyone's time, and we will continue our fight. We know we are in the right, and know that we will win through eventually.
Everyone knows the reasons why we're being told to vacate the Oldfield Bungalow - we've personally seen the evidence of it with the clearing, and fencing off, of the land adjacent in preparation for sale. We don't dispute Richmond's right to sell excess land, but we do dispute their so called 'right' to make us homeless to achieve this.
I urge all those within the LBRuT to make the right and moral decision in this situation, and everyone else of you to stand up and speak for us.
And please, do not expect us to simply 'roll over and play ball'. This will not happen !
Thought I'd just make sure that they haven't forgotten us.

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